1981 – 2019

The experience started with the inauguration of İbrahim YEĞEN (founder) as an apprentice in 1981 and the lacquer workshop established in 1983 and continues in Istanbul today. Archidecors has a production facility of 800 m2 and includes metal, wood and polish workshop. Nowadays it is very common to combine different currents and create unique personalized places.

This application is a process that has been carried out in the natural flow of Archidecors for many years with its furniture. With its experienced staff in the field of furniture and interior architecture, it designs and realizes your living spaces such as residential, office, restaurant and creates functional, elegant places.

We are able to make most of the changes to our products which is produced with very high quality. Our special production ability comes at the top of our features that distinguish us from others. With the Archidecors production workshop, you can get support from our interior designers on the products and you can make any changes you like, colour, size and material and create your own design according to your taste. Our workshop, which has been producing since 1986, provides direct service to you without any intermediary in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Leonardo da Vinci tells us about the inspiration of architecture;

“We have to choose everything from nature, and we must take the most beautiful things from nature.”

We’re all tied to nature somewhere in our roots. We came from there and we miss the most in the increasingly complex city life. Perhaps this is why natural materials and objects have come to the forefront especially in recent years. We always took care to use natural materials and crafts in our products. While using the beauty and unique architecture of nature in our works, we have made them unique with natural materials that are not alike like fingerprints. We have great respect for this unique creation and design power of nature.

We’re trying to be environmental. We think that we owe it to the society we live in and bring us here. We want to be a source of inspiration to others while paying this debt by teaching, educating and assisting.

40. Years!
Trust in knowledge, quality and mastery!

We have been working for about 40 years and we produce furniture. From projecting stage to production and installation we offer 360 ° solution. In our 800 m2 factory, we provide you with a special production power, and we provide corporate processes that are carried out with the sensitivity we show to individual customers.

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