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1977 – 1993 - Between these years it was simply called a furniture manufacturing factory. When, in the early ’90s, the experience is combined with the expansion of production in a larger area, the company was ready for significant growth. After opening its first store in 1993, it continued to grow as a furniture brand with excellent customer feedback.

Every piece of furniture and every material selection embodies the core principles that have guided us from the outset. We strive to create spaces that not only exude beauty but also enhance functionality and comfort.
Our dedication to craftsmanship ensures that each item is crafted with precision and attention to detail, standing as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of perfection.
Through our designs, we aim to evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and elevate the living experience. At the heart of everything we do lies a deep appreciation for quality, sustainability, and the enduring legacy of fine craftsmanship.

Today: Inspired by today’s changing trends, it designs and produces contemporary and modern furniture in accordance with the fashion of our age. In the furniture industry, where experience and knowledge are important, we produce furniture with the high quality standards needed in the sector, with material quality, workmanship and unique models.
In addition, while we design spaces such as living spaces, workspaces and restaurants with our experienced staff in the field of Interior Decoration, we also bring functional, eye-catching and stylish spaces to life by only supplying products with our production ability. Another part that makes our products unique, each of which is produced with first-quality hand workmanship, is the first-quality materials and natural materials we use.


We have been doing what we know, producing furniture, for nearly 45 years.

We offer 360° solutions from the project phase to production and installation, provide you with special production power in our factory, and provide corporate processes carried out with the same sensitivity we show to individual customers. With expert hands, we produce the quality furniture needed in the sector and export furniture to all over the world.

– Adipiscing elit, France 2019

– Ut enim adni, Cape Town 2019

– Tempor incint ut, Istanbul 2012

– Labore et dolagna, Tokio 2018


We all have our roots somewhere in nature, we came from there, and we miss it the most in the increasingly complex city life. Maybe that’s why natural materials always exist in different materials or forms at different times, and these natural lines are often at the forefront in our designs. We have always taken care to use natural materials and hand craftsmanship in our products, and while using the beauty and unique architecture of nature in our works, we have made them unique with natural materials, no two of which are similar to each other, just like fingerprints. We have great respect for this unique design power of nature.

*Archidecors tüm güncel atık dönüştürme ve geri dönüşüm şartlarına tam uyum sağlamaktadır.



Interpretations of furniture and interior materials that share the philosophy that İskender Yeğen maintained since his first steps in the world of furniture and which is the proper mission of the company.


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