Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are the products domestic production?

Yes, Archidecors is a Turkish brand, the main materials used in its production are domestic, imported parts such as hinges, handles, rails (German, Italian) are preferably used in general. In addition, the polish part consists of 80% imported materials (Italian, Spanish)

2. Is Archidecors a domestic brand?

Yes, Archidecors is a completely local Turkish enterprise.

3. Delivery?

Free delivery within Istanbul and some nearby cities, paid for purchases outside Istanbul, but free for project purchases outside Istanbul.
First of all, ex-work is preferred abroad and it also works with other sales methods.

It has worldwide export experience and exports to different countries by meeting the requirements.

4. export? (product shipping abroad)

Ex-Work (warehouse delivery) Archidecors makes the products ready in Istanbul at the time and date specified.

It will help you with the rest of the process with the shipping company you have agreed with. It helps with loading.

With its international sales experience, it undertakes to load the products in the right packaging and conditions.

5. Warranty?

Archidecors provides a 2-year warranty for all non-user-related problems after sales.

6. Interior Architecture & DESIGN Service?

1- Free Interior Architecture Support

Our free plan drawing and design service for the products you will buy from Archidecors.

2- Full interior architecture service (3D, design)

For an extra fee, you get a full-service design service.

3- Design service only

It can support you with only the design and drawing of your living space.

7. Can we make changes on the products?

Yes, you can also order products that are completely tailored to you.