Corporate Furniture Sales

As far as co-operation is concerned, Archidecors is always ready to assist its visionary clients.

The Archidecors family, who has mastered wood, metal, marble for many years, has never been satisfied, just like an artist; that’s the reason of why we always looking for perfection.
Many of our corporate clients from different sectors benefit from our services. We are always here with our corporate solutions tailored according to your needs.

As a Archidecors crew we have to supply our products to you in a right place at the right time, this is the utmost importance between us and one happy customer whether individual or corporate. There is no unexpected result with our material knowledge and work experience.
You are not discussing your corporate matters with the marketing department. Our experienced interior architects understand what you want and we provide a different experience to our customers with the right products and services.


Architects, Interior Architects, professional buyers;
each of them requires special attention, targeted expertise, proven professionalism; Only in this way can their expectations be met.


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